BearChildCare is highly recognized and regarded in our local communities as consistently providing the highest quality care and education in our services for over 13 years! All 3 of our BearChildCare Centres have received a highest quality assessment rating of EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARDS!

Our team at BearChildCare is constantly evolving our educational programs and resources so we can prepare your child for their secondary educational journey! We can ensure your child will develop a passion and love for learning in our range of programmed learning environments, by giving them exciting opportunities for growth, learning, exploring and experimentation. Our Pre-School Program is highly reputed with our local public & private schools, and now includes free mandarin lessons for our students!

BearChildCare is a family owned and operated with compassion, love and appreciation of everyone’s collective contributions to make our Bear Family Community possible, involving children, staff and our families, plus the local & broader community.

By providing all meals freshly prepared on the premises by our Cooks, your child’s daily dietary needs are always met. Your child’s enrolment pack includes the use of sleeping linen, a BearChildCare sunhat/bottle & t-shirt.  The only things you need to bring are spare clothes and any sleeping comforter so they get the best possible sleep.

Our staff members at BearChildCare are long-term professionally qualified passionate mature educators who play a vital role in your child’s growth and development. We are always over-staffed with permanent educators so you know exactly who is caring for your child – we don’t do casuals! Some of our staff members have worked for BearChildCare for 15 years with a long tenure of staff having an average length of service of 3 to 6 years. We constantly have ongoing professional development training for our educators to ensure we are providing the most personalized and family oriented services.

BearChildCare is a place to explore, learn and imagine. Read our school readiness program, philosophy and aim, as well as our educational beliefs to find out exactly why you should choose Bear Childcare.

BearChildCare Centres are always looking for ways to further extend your child’s learning opportunities. So in early 2017, we purchased the very exciting BearChildCare Bus, which is taking our Preschoolers on monthly excursions!

Call us on 9525-8885 to organize a time to come and view our Centres and what makes BearChildCare Centres a home away from home for your little ones J

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