Beverly Hills Child Care Centre

2-3 YRS $102
3-5 YRS $100

Roselands Child Care Centre

0-2 YRS $108
2-3 YRS $102
3-5 YRS $100

Miranda Child Care Centre

0-2 YRS $129
2-3 YRS $124
3-5 YRS $119

Sibling Discounts:

Apply to all children within the one family, who will receive a daily discount of $2/child/day.

Enrolment Registration is $100:

On their first day, your child will receive their personalised BearChildCare Pack – including an embroidered sun hat & t-shirt, blanket and drink bottle. These items can be also bought separately if lost or damaged for $15 each ($10 bottle).

Annual Registration is $60:

This is payable each year for general admin costs and fees associated with EasyPay.

Security Bond (2wks fees):

Upon enrolment, a 2-week bond is payable as security for your child’s enrolment. It is not refundable should you cancel your child’s enrolment before they commence. It is only refundable after your child commences and leaves the centre with all due fees paid for and the required withdrawal notice period of 4 weeks given.

Late Pick-up Fees are $10 per 5 minutes:

The closing time for the Centre is 6.00pm. Please consider the hard work and long day our Educators have had and collect your child from the Centre before 6.00pm. If you fail to do so, in order to cover additional overtime wages for staff to remain behind and care for your child until your arrival, unfortunately, a Late Fee Penalty of $10 per 5 minutes will be imposed and must be paid by families.

Sick Days, Public Holidays and Absent Days:

Any day that your child is enrolled in the Centre, must be paid for, including Sick Days, Public Holidays, Family Holidays or Absent Days. If your child has been sick with a virus or contagious illness, you must bring a clearance certificate from your Dr, before your child is able to return to care.

Withdrawal Notice Period:

4 weeks PAID notice must be provided at any point you wish to withdraw your child. We are happy to make arrangements to reduce the notice period, should we be able to fill your child’s position earlier than the 4 week period. Unfortunately, any child who withdraws BEFORE THEY COMMENCE their enrolment, forfeits any fees paid.

Absent Days:

Any days your child is enrolled in the centre, must be paid for, including sick days, public holidays, family holidays or absent days. If your child has been sick with a virus or contagious illness, you must bring a clearance certificate from your Dr stating when/if your child will be clear to return to child care. You will get Child Care Subsidy CCS for 42 absence days per child each financial year. These can be for any reason and will not require proof and includes all public holidays your child would normally attend. If you receive CCS at more than one child care service you must let each service know when your child has used your initial 42 absence days. You cannot claim absences if your child has not started or has stopped care. You also cannot claim an absence if you have notified your child care service you are taking your child out of care on a set date & then change your mind and remove your child earlier – these fees will be charged by your centre at FULL FEES.


You will be emailed a fortnightly invoice which indicates each payment.


are due two weeks in advance and are only payable by using our DebitSuccess direct debit/credit card system. This system enables both Papa Bear and you to keep control of fees, and minimizes the stress on your end of having to remember when to pay them. Fees will be deducted from either your nominated bank account or VISA/MASTERCARD – however, please note, VISA/MASTERCARD will attract an additional merchant % fee per transaction, charged by DebitSuccess. Only Fees, Enrolment Bond/Rego, Annual Registrations and Penalties, eg; Late Fees, will be deducted from your authorized nominated account.

Fees are set by the Centre’s Management and may be subject to change due to inflationary operating costs or wage increases. With respect to our families, whenever possible, advanced written notice of any such increase will be given by a minimum of one months’ notice period.

Daily Fees include costs for all general activities and meals, (including light breakfast before 8am, Morning/Afternoon tea, plus a healthy nutritious hot lunch). We do ask that parents bring in a piece of fruit every day and leave it in the Fruit Basket, a box of tissues once a year and daily nappies.


As a member of our Bear Family, your child’s annual enrolment fees also entitles them to some annual benefits to The Play Cave:

1. One Single FREE Entry Pass

2. Bea ChildCare child FREE at their birthday party @ The Play Cave

3. 10% discount voucher to use at The Play Cave or the Rock Café