Stephanie Bruno
Stephanie Bruno
Assistant Director Early Childhood Teacher
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Beverly Hills Child Care Centre


My husband and I are of Italian background and have been married for 21 years with three children, all of whom have attended BearChildCare centres.  I have an Early Childhood Teaching Degree and been in the Early Childhood Sector for over 29 years.

I have been a part of Barfa Bear since its inception in January 2006.  I was drawn to Barfa Bear by the family orientated philosophy.  I remember going to my interview at Dora’s house.  That feeling in my tummy told me that this was going to be a wonderful opportunity.  This was going to be the place where all my beliefs and expectations in the Early Childhood sector were going to be noticed and achieved – and they have.  Throughout my time as Assistant Director, I have managed the process of developing Barfa Bear and establishing it into a consistently High Quality Accredited Centre, and now under the new National Assessment & Rating Process, we are AN EXCEEDING QUALITY CENTRE!

With Eleni’s support and management, we have built an amazing repour within our local community.  With pride, I state I am the Assistant Director of Barfa Bear and I receive comments like, “I have heard so much about that centre”, “Friends of mine have gone there and said how incredible the centre is run”, “You guys run such an amazing Pre-School Program, I can see the huge impact it has had in getting the children ready for school, I wish I had brought my child there”.

I see families who have left us years later, and their children still remember me as Miss Bruno.  The families will thank me again for all the hard work I did with them, even after so many years.  Or what’s even better, when they bring their younger child back years later and say to me, “There is no way I would send my child anywhere else!”

This is my professional satisfaction and why I am still a part of this remarkable service.

Stephanie Bruno