Maree Elia
Maree Elia
Centre Manager, Early Childhood Teacher.
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Papa Bear Child Care Centre Miranda


My husband and I are of Cypriot background and have been married for 12 years with two precious children, a boy and a girl.  I chose early childhood as my career path because I have a passion for children and what they bring to the table.  I finished my Diploma in Childrens Services in December 2005 and then furthered my studies by attaining my Early Childhood Teaching Degree in 2008.  I worked at Barfa Bear since its inception in January 2006 and then moved to Miranda to assist with the opening of Papa Bear and have been here ever since!

As an educator in this industry, I feel my role is a vital part of each child’s growth and development and allowing each child to become a unique individual.  Each day brings a new journey always learning something new which makes me the best Educator I can be.

BearChildCare provides all the necessary qualities for me to achieve the above successfully.  It is a warm and welcoming family environment with great aspects that I value as an Educator.  Parents and families play a key role in their children’s lives and BearChildCare provides numerous opportunities for family involvement.  This starts from the high influence of family from management and their constant love and care for their centres.  It is a clean environment that fosters health and hygiene on all levels.  The staff are a caring, happy and passionate group of people who truly have children’s best interests at heart.

Throughout my time as Centre Manager of Papa Bear, I have managed the process of further developing and establishing it into a consistently high quality service, and now under the new National Assessment & Rating Process, we are AN EXCEEDING QUALITY CENTRE!

I am proud to be a part of such an amazing team.  I am so excited about this incredible career opportunity in being the Centre Manager of Papa Bear Child Care Centre.  Bringing forth all the professional services knowledge I have gained working under great leaders like Eleni & Stephanie these past 17 years, I believe it has become another incredible BearChildCare service.

I love being part of the Bear Family because it truly feels like a family.  I know all my families very closely and my team are always under my wings.  I love the opportunities we are always offering to our children and our staff, as well as witnessing the progress and development that is constantly achieved.  I am lucky to be working in such an enriching and positive environment.

Maree Elia